I was called for financial support, why?

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders depends on voluntary contributions. 

Any kind of financial support from individuals and businesses is crucial for our organization to help vulnerable people. Everyone knows the Red Cross and sympathizes with our volunteers. Therefore, it seems obvious that we are always there when help is needed. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

A real dialogue can be held over the phone, which allows us to inform you about one of our many humanitarian activities. We stand up for vulnerable people at home and abroad and are active in disaster relief, self-reliance and blood supply. This also allows us to ask you personally if you would like to consider supporting our humanitarian aid financially. Thank you very much for taking a moment to listen. 

How do I know a fraudster is not calling?

Our call agents call at the following phone number: 0466 90 76 69 or 02 592 17 21.

Why do you ask for monthly support?

As a monthly donor, you support our activities each month with a small amount. This way you help our work today and in the longer term. This guarantees that our assistance has more impact because we can plan ahead better. This allows us to respond immediately to emergency situations. Monthly support really makes a difference for vulnerable people in need!

Why are you asking for my account number?

An account number is required to start a direct debit (SDD mandate) through your bank. Only if the Red Cross transmits your account number together with your personal data, under strict conditions, to the bank, can your monthly support via the SDD mandate be started. In any case, after the phone call you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with all the details and arrangements. You then have a reflection period to change or stop your mandate. Only after this reflection period will we send your SDD mandate to the bank. You can change or stop your mandate at any time via schenken@rodekruis.be or 015/443.443.

Is it safe to provide my account number?

Yes. Rest assured, nothing wrong can be done with giving an account number alone. On the website of all charities, for example, the account number is simply published to deposit.

Can I start my own monthly support? 

You can too! You can start your monthly support here through our website.
You can also make a standing order to your bank or via homebanking. These are our details: BE28 0960 0000 9620, BIC: GKCCBEBB from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, Motstraat 40 in 2800 Mechelen.

Can I support in another way? 

Absolutely! Any support is welcome.

Want to support a one-time donation? Make an online donation or make a deposit to BE28 0960 0000 9620. From 40 euros in annual donations, you will receive a tax certificate

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More and more people are including the Red Cross in their wills. This way they help even when they are no longer around. Read more about bequeathing to the Red Cross.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Have you been called and have questions or comments on the call? Or do you wish to change your mandate?
Contact us at schenken@rodekruis.be or 015/443.443. Available every weekday during office hours.

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