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Someone is in distress. What do you do? Many people panic. And don't know what to do. However, you can often prevent worse by offering help right away. That is why we want to make people self-reliant. Make them dare to help. Both in case of accidents (first aid) and psychological problems (FAMP).

Dare to help!

By learning first aid , you gain knowledge and confidence. Anyone can learn it. First aid is easy. Do you want to master it too? Fantastic. Discover the possibilities below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to renew my certification, how do I do that?

Then take the basic course first aid and/or the advanced course Helper and retake the exam.

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Please note that the refresher course does not lead to a renewal of your license, but you can take it without obligation to refresh your knowledge.

Is my certification from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders internationally recognized?

There are no longer European recognised licenses for first aid training. However, the training courses and associated licenses and certificates from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders are held in high regard and are usually accepted in Previously Acquired Qualifications (EQF)/exemption procedures. If you want to know if your certification is recognised, it is best to check with the relevant organisation or country of application.

Can I get my certification in another language?

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is required to issue its licenses and certificates in Dutch.

Previous opinions/decisions of the Standing Committee on Language Supervision have concluded that Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is subject to the legislation of July 18, 1966 on the use of languages in administrative matters and each Red Cross branch should be considered a local service within the meaning of this law.

In accordance with these regulations, all certificates issued by Belgian Red Cross-Flanders must be drawn up in Dutch, with the possibility for the persons concerned to obtain a certified copy in French. 

A certified translator can provide the certified copy.

Can I get an exemption?

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders operates an exemption policy based on Previously Acquired Qualifications (EQF) whereby you may be exempted from taking a particular part of a course.

However, it is important to understand that an exemption from a section does not automatically mean that you will receive a license or certificate from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders .

I want to become a teacher, how do I do it?

You can become a teacher of first aid for accidents (first aid) or first aid for mental health problems (FAMP) at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Below we are happy to explain it to you.

Become a first aid teacher for the general population

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders does not train anyone to become an independent certified instructor to teach first aid courses and hand out certifications. However, it does operate on a volunteer basis. You can choose to become a volunteer at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and teach first aid classes to the public from there.

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In addition, of course, you can provide first aid training outside Belgian Red Cross-Flanders by certifying with other organisations.

Become a first aid teacher for employees in companies

First aid courses for companies are subject to specific rules that are laid down by law and regulated by royal decree. In Belgium, you can contact the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, which is responsible for accrediting training providers at company first aid. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has such an accreditation and provides both internally trained staff and volunteers to teach these courses. If you want to issue your own licenses in company first aid , you have to personally apply for accreditation with the FPS.

Would you like to freelance teach first aid to employees along with the Red Cross? Then contact bedrijsopleidingen@rodekruis.be.

Become a teacher FAMP for the general population

Again, our operation is based on volunteering. First, take the training first aid for mental health problems. Is your result positive? Share your contact information via the button below and we will inform you at the start of your next teacher training program.

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I need to teach a first aid class at school, can I borrow equipment from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders ?

Teaching Materials

You can easily borrow CPR equipment (including manikins and AED training devices) from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Contact the applicable province using this contact information.

Also be sure and take a look at Red Cross Youth 's website for useful tools for your lesson.

First Aid app

Use our first aid app to quickly find what to do in certain situations.

Posters and videos

Check out our helpful posters and helpful instructional videos that guide you step by step.


Consult our webshop for cool gadgets, handbooks and much more.

Can I borrow/rent first aid equipment or CPR manikins?

You can easily borrow CPR equipment (including manikins and AED training devices) from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Contact the applicable province using this contact information.

What are the contents of a first aid kit or backpack?

The contents of a first aid kit always depend on the type of organisation/event. Below you can see a general overview. You can easily order most products directly from the pharmacy. We recommend that you put it together yourself, as this is often cheaper than going through a supplier.

Decontamination material

  • vial of hand alcohol
  • unidose physiological water
  • unidose Hacdil


  • wound plasters (individually wrapped or on a roll), as well as in rolls
  • elastic gauze and crepe bandages (5, 7 and 10 cm)
  • sterile and non-sterile compresses of various sizes (5 and 7.5 cm), preferably also non-adhesive compresses
  • sterile and non-sterile triangular bandages
  • sterile pressure bandages
  • a roll of adhesive patches (1.25 and 2.5 cm)
  • sterile triangular bandage
  • sterile needles

Work Material

  • disposable gloves
  • a pair of splinter tweezers
  • a pair of scissors
  • tick forceps
  • a fever thermometer
  • an insulation blanket
  • a cooling bag/cold pack
  • renal pelvis
  • safety pin
  • insulation blanket

Does Belgian Red Cross-Flanders sell a first aid kit or backpack?

Yes, take a look at our webshop!

Does Belgian Red Cross-Flanders sell AED devices?

For this we would like to refer you to the frequently asked questions on this page.

Is there a map of all the AEDs?

For this we would like to refer you to the frequently asked questions on this page.