Request a preventive aid station

Call on our experienced and well-trained emergency response personnel. This way you guarantee quality emergency services during your event!

Requesting an aid campaign?

To ensure efficient cooperation, it is important that you inform us well in advance - at least 6 weeks before the event. Please fill out the request form below and also provide us with all useful documents.

We will forward your request to the relevant department(s) and they will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

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What happens next?

Assessing risks for customized collaboration

We assess the risks associated with the event. If it turns out that a preventive aid action is necessary, we consider what resources we need to deploy to provide adequate assistance: number of aid workers, presence of aid station, ambulance ... If it exceeds the capabilities of the local Red Cross branch, several departments or even provinces work together.

We draw up a cooperation agreement. In it you will find an overview of all necessary resources, a price quote, general contract terms and any additional conditions. If you agree, we both sign for agreement and our cooperation is a fact.

Practical preparation

We prepare the relief operation thoroughly. We take all kinds of factors into account: the weather, the type of risks, the number of people present, the size of the terrain, etc. We make arrangements with the other emergency services that participate in the relief effort. We also make sure that access and exit roads are free in order to be able to help the injured quickly.

Something change last minute? Be sure to let us know!

An event without worries

During the event, our experienced and well-trained emergency responders take care of everything related to first aid . So as an organizer, you can concentrate 100% on the event itself.

If a person refuses necessary first aid , we ask that they sign a "Declaration of Refusal to Provide Care. This way, neither the organization nor us can be blamed afterwards for any culpable omission. Personal information is part of medical confidentiality and we do not release it.


After the preventive aid action, we prepare a cost statement as agreed upon in the agreement. If we have cared for an exceptionally large number of persons and consumed a lot of materials, we can add that to the cost statement.

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