Join 'Enterprise with a big heart'!

Countless people need plasma every year. It is vital for people with severe clotting disorders and newborn babies with jaundice, for example. It is also needed for the production of many medications. With your plasma donation, you can make the vital difference because the need for plasma is great.


Some more explanation of the project

Specifically, we are looking for companies located close to one of our donor centers. After all, their employees can easily make their way to a donor center, saving lives in an hour! We encourage employees to come and donate in group at lunchtime, as a team building or afterwork. You are, of course, always welcome individually as well.

Every day we check how many employees have made an appointment to donate. We can track this through a unique link you receive after signing up. You can also expect a poster with QR code to promote the action within your company.

We plot the number of donors against total employees: companies with the highest percentage of donors, therefore, score better. 

Each participating company where a donation is registered receives the label "Company with a big heart. You can hang this label up visibly. It is a nice sign to the outside world that your company is a " Company with a big heart. 

Annually, the"Company with the Biggest Heart" label is awarded to the winner by donor center.

Are you participating in "Enterprise with a Big Heart"?

Voka Health Community is a platform for healthcare businesses, companies, knowledge centers and patient groups.

That the health care industry faces a lot of challenges is not new. In such a context, however, it is important not to look for solutions only within our own walls. Collaboration with actors such as Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and companies can provide solutions to these challenges. This is precisely the uniqueness of the Voka Health Community: plasma is needed for various actors within this ecosystem. It benefits patients and is needed by both companies for the development of new medications and knowledge centers for strategic basic research. Indeed, each actor can profile and build on its strengths. In this way, we create added value not only for the end user, but for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I participate in "Enterprise with a Big Heart"?

You can participate when you sign up a company and encourage employees of this company to donate. For the future, we are looking at extending this project to associations and other organizations. 

How should we book our appointments with the unique link?

In this document you can find the different steps in making an appointment. 

Does our participation count if we host a blood collection at a chosen location?

No, currently we only count donations at a donor center. For the future, we are looking at expanding this project to include blood collections at a chosen location. 

How many labels will be awarded?

As soon as someone from your company has scheduled a donation, you will receive the "Company with a Big Heart" label. However, we also award the label "Company with the biggest heart" to the 14 companies with the most number of donations linked to each donor center. 

Should we register each time through the unique link that was shared?

Yes, otherwise your donations will not be counted correctly. 

Can we donate both blood and plasma?

Yes, this is certainly allowed. 

How often may we donate blood or plasma?

Depending on what you give, different deadlines apply. More information can be found here

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so at

Our team consists of:

  • Head of collection support Geert Van Aken

0479 48 84 23 -

  • Project officer Abdelkebir El Makhloufi

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