Strategy 2025: anyone can help anyone

We live today in a world where inequality between people is growing. In which more and more disasters affect the weakest. In which social cohesion takes a hit. As Belgian Red Cross-Flanders , we want to respond to this in our new strategy. Stand ready: no fewer than 14,000 volunteers. And 1,600 employees. Together they form the engine of our aid organization. Reliable, flexible and robust. This is our plan for 2025.

Our focus

In 2010, it was efficiency (doing things right). In 2015, effectiveness (doing the right things). And in 2020, we are firmly committed to innovation. Where do we put our focus over the next 5 years?

1. More volunteerism in Flanders. With Belgian Red Cross-Flanders leading the way. We facilitate and encourage.

2. Our international activities, reception of asylum seekers and migration. Politically, these are sensitive, fickle issues. As Belgian Red Cross-Flanders , we believe it is important to take our own, stable position in these.

3. Governance of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Operationally, we are stronger than ever. Internationally, we were never as visible as we are now. Consequence? More resources and bigger decisions. In line with this, our board must also evolve. Always remaining true to our DNA as a volunteer organization.

More volunteering: 10 pillars of action

1. Start from the needs of the target group. 6. Care about the most vulnerable populations 
2. Focus on unique Red Cross activities. 7. Collaborate with other organizations
3. Act binding, not polarizing 8. Connect all existing activities
4. Embrace technological innovation 9. Help shape the volunteerism of the future
5. Make a difference in action, not activism 10. Substantiate with science

Our areas of action over the next 5 years

More volunteerism. Sincere and credible. That's what we're going for. Both within Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, and more broadly: throughout Flanders and internationally.

More volunteering in Flanders: the action points

First aid: a health skill for all

Our health care system is changing. The focus is shifting from mostly cure to more and more care. From mostly cure to more and more wellness and quality of life. From mainly hospital to more and more primary care. An evolution to which we as Belgian Red Cross-Flanders contribute. Both for first aid (First Aid for Accidents) and FAMP (First Aid for Mental Problems) we offer accessible tools and training to teach health skills to everyone.

Best possible emergency relief

Temporary, rapidly deployable, sufficient, flexible and professional assistance to victims. This is what people expect from our Red Cross volunteers. That's why we take great care to train them. Our role in infectious diseases? The coronavirus made that one quickly clear. How to organize first aid in epidemic and climate-related emergencies? That will be a focus point in the coming years. Fully in line with our humanitarian mission.

Blood supply: safe, voluntary and sufficient

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders provides safe and sufficient red blood cells, platelets and plasma for all patients in Flemish and Brussels hospitals. We also respond to the increasing demand for plasma as a raw material for life-saving medicines.

More volunteering internationally: the action points

International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

That the IHL is complied with in Belgium. We also want to promote that. With Belgian Red Cross-Flanders as the IHR reference point in Flanders and Brussels.

Restoring Family Links

Family members who are missing. People who lose each other. After a conflict, migration or natural disaster, it unfortunately sometimes happens. In such situations, the Red Cross helps locate them. To restore family ties and reunite families. In doing so, we use the latest methods available in our rapidly digitizing world.

Standing up internationally for the most vulnerable and for greater self-reliance

Grow the self-reliance of our sister associations in low- and middle-income countries. That is what Belgian Red Cross-Flanders wants to do as an international pioneer in the field of first aid . So that those countries can do sustainable projects themselves in the future. That is why our international actions in this context are always temporary.

Helping migrants based on need and vulnerability

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders departs from the primary needs of migrants as well as their psychological needs. We go a step further than simply operating reception centers for asylum seekers.

Migrants on their own feet as soon as possible

Human beings are full of strengths and abilities. This is what we emphasize with migrants. We encourage. We encourage them to help each other. This is how their self-reliance grows. This is how we help migrants stand on their own two feet quickly. Because reception alone contributes little.

Importance of structural migration policies

An existential question of migrants: where can I put down roots? We ask the government to take the issue seriously. Because in recent decades we have seen fickle refugee policies.

Our DNA as a volunteer organization

Sincere volunteerism

These 3 principles are the basis of sincere volunteering for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders :

1. Volunteer. Volunteering is something you do for yourself and others. Without financial or material benefits.

2. Personal meaning. The main motivation? Helping others, giving back to society. Building a better world. Also for yourself.

3. Identification with our core values. The sincere volunteer stands behind Red Cross values (e.g., neutrality and impartiality) as well as Belgian Red Cross-Flanders (integrity, team orientation, sense of initiative, and professionalism).

As an organization, we want to unburden our volunteers. By giving them professional support, adequate work materials and an efficient framework to work in.


For maximum impact, we ourselves must be representative in these areas: gender ratio, ethnicity, culture, age, religion, sexuality and functional limitations.

Corporate governance

The challenge for us as a cooperative of volunteers, blood and plasma donors and donors? To improve our internal decision-making and the legal model of the Belgian Red Cross . To meet the needs of the 21st century.

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