Give blood or plasma together

Interested in donating in group or organizing a collection yourself? Fill out our contact form.

Networking while donating blood - perfectly possible! Stop by one of our donor centers or invite the Red Cross to your organization and contribute to the blood supply with your colleagues.


Head of Collection Support

Discover our new action: Enterprise with a big heart

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders organizes "enterprise with a big heart. An action in which your organization can also participate!

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Trek with your company to Belgian Red Cross-Flanders!

Plan a team outing to the nearest donor center. A looser atmosphere for consultation, informal discussions and doing a good deed as a team: only benefits!

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to your business

Would you like to organize a blood collection locally? You can!

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders can come to your company if these 2 basic conditions are met:

  • Mobilize a minimum of 75 donors to donate. From experience, we know that 10% of the total number of employees in a company or organization show up to donate. That means that your company must have at least 750 employees to reach this target. Of course, you can also cooperate with nearby companies and open your collection to them.
  • To provide a suitable room for take-outs. This must meet legal requirements in terms of size (at least 150 m² with 1 side of 10m) and accessibility (for our +3.5 ton truck + parking). This will be checked beforehand by one of our colleagues.

We provide you with all the necessary material to inform everyone: we provide digital flyers, posters, videos, standard emails and an online registration module.

Some Smartphoto colleagues came to donate together at the donor center in Ghent. They had signed up to donate blood but it ended up being plasma and even a stem cell donation.

This delegation is already sold and will gladly convince several more colleagues in the future.