Our mission

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders helps

We are an independent volunteer organization. Through the Belgian Red Cross we are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Our mission is threefold:

  • Standing up for vulnerable people at home and abroad.
  • Being active in disaster response, self-reliance and blood supply.
  • In all of this, we rely on volunteers to the maximum extent possible.

Encouraging self-reliance

We think it is important for people to be able to help each other in an emergency. At home, at school, in the youth movement, in the sports club or at work. We want to teach as many people as possible first aid . Also internationally: we help other countries develop first aid guidelines and related training materials.

Immediate disaster relief

We want to provide optimal assistance in the event of a disaster. We do this by quickly deploying our local Red Cross branches, or by strengthening cooperation with other emergency services and the government. We are expanding our expertise in international emergency relief building and disaster preparedness.

Excellence in blood supply

Our the blood service is responsible for the continuous supply of safe blood products to most hospitals in Flanders. We guarantee that we always provide enough safe and high-quality blood on time. This is how we help doctors save lives.

Caring for the vulnerable

Countless Red Cross volunteers care for vulnerable people in our society. What we do may not always be visible. But it does mean a world of difference to the thousands of people who count on us.

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