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Around the world, Red Cross helps victims of devastating disasters and conflicts. This is possible through the support of everyone who contributes to the Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund. Thanks to your donation, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders can provide disaster relief where it is needed most, free from external influence and looking out for the most vulnerable.

In a natural disaster or violent conflict, there is often chaos, countless injuries and people find themselves in the greatest need one moment to the next and completely dependent on aid. A daily reality for millions of people affected by natural disasters or conflicts worldwide.

Help. Make a donation to BE53 0000 0000 5353 with the mention 'Emergency Relief Fund' and help people in need. This way you help wherever in the world this is needed most.

Every second counts

Natural disasters can happen at any time anywhere in the world. In a disaster, every second counts to save lives. Thanks to our local Red Cross Societies, the Red Cross can be on the scene quickly anywhere. We provide help, faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Our goal: to save as many lives as possible.

We are the largest humanitarian organization in the world, with our 191 national associations and 14 million active volunteers. Every day we help people in need. This local presence makes us unique, so we can provide immediate help. Thus, no precious time is lost anywhere.

Here we are currently actively offering emergency relief

Here we offered the past two years emergency relief

Floods Libya - September 2023

On Sunday, Sept. 10, Libya was hit by Hurricane Daniel. The country's extreme rainfall led to the rupture of two dams and caused disastrous flooding in northeastern Libya. The hardest hit areas included the city of Derna, where entire neighborhoods were swept into the sea. The heavy flooding affected several coastal towns such as Benghazi, Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, Al-Marj, Batah, Bayade, Albayada, Shahta and Sousa, causing many casualties and massive damage to infrastructure. More than 45,000 people are estimated to have been displaced, 4,352 people died and 8,000 are still missing. A total of 284 educational institutions were affected and 128 health facilities. There is extensive damage to roads and shortages of water and electricity.


Earthquakes Morocco - September 2023

A massive 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco on Friday, Sept. 8. The most affected provinces are Taroudant, Marrakech, Chichawa and Al Haouz, located in central Morocco about 75km from the city of Marrakech. The affected areas are mainly in the High Atlas mountains, making accessibility difficult. As a result of the severe destruction caused by this earthquake, some 3,000 people were killed and 3,500 injured. In all, 60,000 homes were destroyed and 500,000 people were internally displaced. Some 530 schools were also damaged by the earthquake, affecting some 100,000 children and youth. 


Armed conflict Sudan - April 2023

The conflict in Sudan broke out in April and has taken a heavy toll on the population. 8.2 million people have fled, of whom 6.5 million are internally displaced and 1.76 million have sought refuge in other countries, mainly Chad, Egypt, South Sudan and Ethiopia. This situation is compounded by the pre-existing challenges facing Sudan: economic instability, climate change and persistent drought, leaving 24.8 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders released 150,000 euros from the Emergency Relief Fund in June 2023 for life-saving humanitarian support in Sudan. The money will be deployed through the International Red Cross, which supports the Sudanese Red Crescent in their relief efforts. The priorities are medical support and supplies on the one hand, and distribution of potable water and food on the other.

Storm Freddy - March 2023

With the passage of Storm Freddy in Southeast Africa, the situation on the ground is alarming. After 3 weeks of storms, there are already nearly 600 deaths, some 400,000 displaced people and enormous material damage. In addition, about 100,000 hectares of farmland have been affected, threatening food shortages. That is why Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is releasing 100,000 euros from the emergency relief fund for humanitarian support. In addition, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has permanent staff in Mozambique, working with the local Red Cross there to coordinate emergency relief .

The effects of storm Freddy are greatest in Malawi, but there is also a lot of human and material damage in Mozambique. Moreover, the situation is extra precarious because this crisis comes on top of two other crises: there were already heavy floods in southern Mozambique at the beginning of February, and there is a major cholera outbreak, particularly affecting Malawi. This new heavy rainfall from storm Freddy, resulting in new flooding, ensures that the cholera outbreak will continue to spread.

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria - February 2023

On Monday, Feb. 6, parts of Turkey and Syria were hit by severe earthquakes. The material damage is enormous and the human toll is also high.
The Turkish Red Crescent and the Syrian Red Crescent have been on the ground from the start of the disaster, providing the most acute assistance there, ranging from rescue operations in the affected areas, to providing medical aid, to providing housing for the victims who no longer have shelter.

Pakistan floods - September 2022

The situation in Pakistan following floods is very worrying. The Pakistani government already declared a state of emergency last week. And on Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared the highest level of alert. There are already at least 1,100 dead and 3,600 injured. The needs on the ground are enormous. That's why Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is releasing 250,000 euros from the emergency relief fund. Initially, that money will be used mainly to distribute food parcels and hygiene kits to the victims.

The funds are deployed through the German Red Cross, as they have been active in Pakistan since 1983 and are also present on the ground today. There they are providing much-needed support to the Pakistan Red Crescent, the main humanitarian organization in the country. Initially, the funds will primarily be used to distribute food parcels and hygiene kits to the victims.

Are you too helping people in need?

A devastating disaster or deadly conflict can occur anywhere in the world. Often with dramatic consequences for those affected. Around the world, millions of vulnerable people desperately need our help.

Help. Make a donation to BE53 0000 0000 5353 marked "Emergency Relief Fund" and help people in need.

Thanks to our largest global network, local Red Cross volunteers can help anytime and immediately. Your donation contributes to this.