Bridge between school and home

Some children are struggling in school and could use extra guidance. These vulnerable children need someone to bridge the gap between school and home. With our bridging the gap project we provide extra guidance at school or at the families' homes. With home tasks, but also with classroom activities. In this way, we help narrow the gap and education remains an important lever to give children better future opportunities.

Our approach

Our Bridge volunteers always visit at the request of a school. Not only elementary school, but also kindergartens can count on us for free. A volunteer offers support to a socially vulnerable child or to a group of children. We train our volunteers especially for this task.
This support can be brought either at school or at families' homes. At school or in the homes of families, we provide additional support. With home tasks, but also with classroom activities. This is how we help to narrow the gap.
Because we want to help children as best we can, we developed an evidence-based guideline. It contains recommendations that make the activities of our volunteers really help. Such as supporting the children in level reading and math, going to the library together, doing puzzles, playing board games, and so on. We involve the parents as much as possible.