How first aid learn?

We are committed to making first aid accessible to everyone in Flanders. We do this mainly through our offer of free courses, our apps with first aid tips and our handbooks with more extensive instructions and topics. In each case, we make a distinction between first aid for accidents (EHBO) and first aid for mental health problems (FAMP).

Free Training

We offer free training in first aid, with topics ranging from basic first aid training or FAMP to more specialized courses such as infant and child first aid, CPR and the use of defibrillators. 

These courses are open to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in the field of first aid.


Our handbooks, used during the courses, are also available for online ordering. These handbooks provide detailed information and guidelines for a wide range of situations, helping people prepare for emergencies in their daily lives.

Educational Apps

We offer two easy-to-use apps that are free to download. The first focuses on first aid, while the other is focused on FAMP. These apps are designed to quickly and effectively teach people how to act in emergency situations.

Online Instructional Videos and Downloadable Posters

In addition to our courses and manuals, we have an extensive library of instructional videos available online. These videos demonstrate step-by-step the proper procedures and techniques for administering first aid in various situations. In addition, we offer a series of downloadable posters that contain useful information about first aid, FAMP and other emergencies. These posters are useful at home, at work, in schools and other public places, where they make people aware of the proper steps to take in case of an emergency.

Through this diverse approach, we strive to spread first aid skills and prepare communities across Flanders for emergencies. Whether you're a parent concerned about your children, a healthcare professional or just someone who wants to help others, at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders you'll find the resources and training you need to save lives and effectively address emergencies.