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Every year Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is present at thousands of events in Flanders. From a local fair in your neighborhood to the largest festival in our country, with a preventive aid station, our volunteers are committed to helping others every year.

While you enjoy the summer, volunteers are ready to provide you with the best care. But they can only help if they have the right training and equipment. That's why we need your support, too. Will you contribute to quality training and equipment so that our volunteers can help people?

Will you help our volunteers?

After my first death march, I received the necessary care and a relaxing leg massage at the Red Cross Post. My blisters were taken care of and covered with a bandage. I did not feel any stress with them, even though there were many of us who needed care. 


Participant Death March

What are you contributing to?

Festivals, running races, village festivals, concerts ... Where many people gather, the risk of accidents is high. After all, things happen quickly: a painful blister, a faint, a sunstroke, alcohol intoxication ... Thanks to your support, our volunteers and their preventive aid station are able to provide immediate care and assistance if something happens.

You can ensure that our volunteers can help. Your donation contributes to the purchase of first aid equipment such as band-aids, stretcher, AED keys, medication ... But you also help train and retrain our volunteers. Because only with the right training can they help people correctly and quickly.