Disaster assistance

Providing disaster relief is one of our basic missions. As a partner of the government, we are part of the overall emergency and intervention planning of medical, sanitary and psychosocial assistance, and in the event of a disaster we take on three main tasks: medical assistance, transportation of the injured and psychosocial support.

Getting help, often a matter of life and death

Fate can strike anytime, anywhere. And then getting help quickly is a matter of life and death. We spring into action immediately to help in disasters. We do this by quickly deploying our local Red Cross branches, or by cooperating with other emergency services. Whoever needs help can count on us!

Medical care

During a disaster, ordinary emergency services do not always have sufficient resources. Our SITs (Rapid Intervention Team) assist them immediately. They bring all the equipment needed to quickly set up a medical post: inflatable tents, lighting, stretcher bars, medical equipment and emergency medication. Under the direction of doctors and nurses, we provide the wounded with initial care. 

Transportation of injured persons

In a disaster situation with many people affected, it comes down to providing the necessary care to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We organize the transportation of injured people. We record everything accurately. At any time, we know exactly where all the ambulances are and which injured people have been taken to where.

Psychosocial support

People who are affected by a shocking event (for example, a fire in an apartment building, an accident at youth camp ...) need psychosocial care. SIS (Social Intervention Service) provides that. We not only take care of those affected, but also provide information to their friends or family, and we provide support in identifying deceased victims. We provide appropriate counseling to family members.