Cost Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

For many of our activities we can rely on the unpaid efforts of volunteers, but in addition Belgian Red Cross-Flanders obviously needs to invest in proper training, support and equipment. Below we give a complete picture of our costs. In 2022, these amounted to 245,071,915 euros.

Cost Humanitarian Services

In these figures, the share of costs incurred by local chapters is based on a relevant sample from the population of more than 200 chapters.

Cost Reception of Asylum Seekers

The cost of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders for the reception of asylum seekers is stipulated in the reception convention with Fedasil. 

Cost the blood service

The supply of blood products, fees for lab tests and subsidies (for personnel and NAT testing) generate the turnover of the blood service. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders covers the costs of recruiting and retaining donors; the collection, testing and processing of blood products; and distribution to hospitals. To ensure and continue to improve the continuity and safety of blood, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders reinvests a portion of this revenue in new techniques, equipment and developments.

Contribution to the International Red Cross

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders provided the mandatory membership contribution of 519,558 euros to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

The Red Cross/EU Office, which functions as a liaison between the national Red Cross associations in European Union countries and the European Union itself, received a membership contribution of 34,000 euros.

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