Fundraising ensures we can help vulnerable people

Every donor believes that vulnerable people in need should be helped. Every donation to the Red Cross ensures that we can help these people in the best possible way. Here in Flanders and worldwide. Today and also in the future.

Our principles

Standing up for vulnerable people at home and abroad. Being active in disaster relief, self-reliance and blood supply. That's what we do. Every day, near and far. As the largest humanitarian organization, we are present everywhere. Thanks to our global network of 14 million volunteers, we help the most vulnerable in our society. Around the world, we work according to the same principles set out in our seven fundamental principles. They are the reason why we are valued and respected everywhere.

Our relief work is done in complete independence, including financially. We need your support so that we can accomplish our mission. Thanks to donations from individuals and companies, we can help where needed in the best possible way. Any support, in whatever way, makes a real difference.

How do we raise funds?

We communicate about our mission with (potential) donors in various ways and ask them to support us financially. We respect the legal rules about privacy, fundraising and ethics. We have the utmost respect for our (potential) donors. We cooperate with external partners for fundraising and monitor that they also act according to our norms and values. We inform our donors and the general public about how we use donations and what impact those donations have. One way we do this is through the annual report.

How do we communicate with (potential) donors?

A conversation on the street or door-to-door

Important! Belgian Red Cross-Flanders stopped its fundraising through personal calls on the street or at the door in 2023. Get in touch with a person who appeals to you to make a cash donation or to start a monthly donation t.v. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders? Contact our donor service on 015 443 443 or email us at  

A conversation via telephone

As part of campaigns, call agents for the Red Cross call (potential) donors. They tell about the humanitarian activities of the Red Cross and ask to support them financially. We work with an external partner with experience in telemarketing for charities for this purpose. The call agents receive specific training from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders so they can provide the right information. We call from the number 0466 90 76 69. Have you been called and have questions about this?
Read more about our telemarketing here.

A letter in the mail

We also communicate through direct mailing and newsletters by mail. In this way, we inform our donors about our activities and how their donation contributes to them. And ask if they can support us again with a separate donation.
s In addition, a large-scale direct mailing campaign takes place annually for the benefit of our Red Cross branches; the Local Support Campaign. Local volunteers thus solicit financial support from residents to ensure their operation in the neighborhood.

Plaster sale

Every year Red Cross volunteers take to the streets to sell plasters starting in 2023. The proceeds will go to the local operations of the more than 200 local Red Cross branches in Flanders. Those who do not meet a volunteer can also buy a plaster online and have it delivered to their home.

Raising funds costs money

Red Cross works with external partners for fundraising. Of course that costs money. Whether it's the production of the band-aid, a mailing company that makes sure a letter drops in the mailbox, phone calls are made, or a media campaign that calls for people to buy a band-aid from our volunteers or our ambassadors who speak to people on the street.

Every method of fundraising has its price tag. That price is always in proportion to the financial support it provides. We are careful to keep the ratio well balanced. A monthly donor continues to support us for a number of years. This allows us to plan our activities on a long-term basis. This way we can always help immediately where needed. This is necessary to guarantee our humanitarian operation in full financial independence. We are extremely grateful to all donors who support us.


Are you attracted and have questions or comments on the interview? Contact us at or on 015/443.443.