This is what we do with your money

Where do we get our resources and what do we spend them on? This is no secret. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is an open organization, which means we are also very transparent about our finances. 

Our relief work is done in complete independence, including financially. We need financial support so that we can accomplish our mission. Thanks to donations from individuals and companies, we can help where needed, and in the best possible way. Every support makes a real difference. Read more about how and why we raise funds.

"We deal responsibly and efficiently with the resources entrusted to us by governments and donors, and it is therefore our obligation to be transparent about our revenues as well as our costs. This is why it is important that we know the cost of our activities and evaluate them continuously." Karolien Geudens, chief financial officer

We deliberately use any positive results to finance and implement our strategic work plan "Strategy 2025: Everyone can help someone. Indeed, in order to be able to help, it is necessary that we have sufficient financial resources at our disposal. We have set up several funds for this purpose. 

Figures on development cooperation

We publish data on our international work in development cooperation according to the IATI standard. IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) is an initiative for making information on development cooperation public. Launched in 2008, this standard helps make information available to all.

The IATI dataset is available for download from IATI's database. You do need to do your own translation from the XML format to readable information. There are several (online) applications available to do this, such as d-portal.

Download the figures from Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

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