We need your support

Helping vulnerable people in need. That's what we do. Every day, near and far. As the largest humanitarian organization, we are present everywhere. Thanks to our global network of 14 million volunteers, we help the most vulnerable in our society.

During emergencies, disasters and conflicts anywhere in the world, our volunteers give their all for charity so that vulnerable people can get help quickly, professionally and efficiently. This is what we as Red Cross are committed to every day. 

Our relief work is done in complete independence, including financially. We need your support so that we can fulfill our mission of helping the most vulnerable people. Thanks to donations from individuals and companies, we can help where we need to in the best possible way. So any support, in any way, really makes a difference.

Help with a one-time or monthly gift

Would you like to contribute with a one-time or monthly gift? Great, because this way you help us even more. It allows us to plan our operation better and to act immediately in emergency situations. Moreover, we can guarantee people in need long-term help. So your support really makes a difference! Thank you!

How can you make a one-time gift?

You can do so easily by clicking on the red sphere above. Choose 'One-time' and go through all the steps.

Thanks in advance!

How can you support us monthly?

  • Via direct online direct debit

You can easily start your monthly support online right away. Choose the monthly amount and provide us with your details. We will do the rest. You will receive a written confirmation by mail afterwards.

  • Via a direct debit form

You may also choose to download a direct debit form. Send us the completed copy by mail or e-mail. You will receive written confirmation from us afterwards.

Download the direct debit form here

Enjoy tax relief

Donations to Belgian Red Cross-Flanders are tax deductible. If you donate a total gift amount of 40 euros or more on an annual basis, you get up to 45% of that amount back through your taxes. You will receive a tax certificate for this. You receive your certificate annually in March and this the year after your gift(s). You add this to your tax return.

Help us be ready in the face of small and larger disasters, even here close to home.

Don't miss out on your tax benefits!