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The first-aid guidelines in this manual have been developed according to the evidence-based practice methodology. Scientific literature forms the basis for the evidence and is further supplemented by practical experience, the expertise of specialists, and the preferences and available resources for this target population. 

The guidelines, and then the manual based on them, are updated every 5 years to ensure that recent evidence is included and that changing circumstances are taken into account. The last update was in 2021.

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  • ' Basic First Aid for Africa' Manual
    The 'Basic First Aid for Africa' manual is the foundation for Basic First Aid training programs. It contains all the essential first aid knowledge needed to act as a first aider in everyday life without having prior knowledge of first aid. In addition to the most up-to-date basic first aid knowledge and techniques, it includes prevention recommendations for most topics.
  • Handbook 'First Aid for First Responders'
    This publication is a sequel to the handbook 'Basic First Aid for Africa' and is of course based on the same evidence-based methodology mentioned earlier. First Responders can be deployed in extraordinary events, whether man-made calamities (traffic accidents, political unrest, conflicts, etc.) or natural disasters. The advanced First Aid knowledge and skills in this manual place First Aid in a broader context of pre-hospital care in emergencies and disasters in Africa, especially when First Responders face situations involving multiple victims with multiple injuries. This advanced knowledge and skills can also be applied when helping people in need in local communities.
  • Youth First Aid Curriculum
    Children and youth can also make a difference with first aid knowledge and skills. In addition, first-aid training for youth can help spread preventive messages and reinforce the behavior change process to make youth and those around them more resilient, safe and healthy. The format of this learning line is also based on evidence-based methodology and includes an overview of possible learning objectives for children and youth. The Youth First Aid learning line is designed to support youth trainers and teachers in teaching first aid lessons.
  • Handbook 'First Aid for Road Traffic Accident Injuries'
    Road traffic accidents are a major cause of mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa. 'First Aid for Road Traffic Accident Injuries' was developed based on the manuals 'Basic First Aid for Africa' and 'First Aid for First Responders'. The manual is designed to teach simple first aid techniques to people who are regularly on the road, to give them a handle on how to administer first aid in traffic accidents.