Transporting patients

Do you need transportation to the hospital, rest home or to your home soon? Our ambulances are ready for you in non-urgent situations. We offer lying down transportation only.

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Non-urgent transportation

We provide non-urgent patient transport. Our ambulances offer you the utmost comfort. You can reserve your patient transportation in advance by calling 105 or filling out the contact form.

Transparent rate

We calculate the price based on the distance traveled. You pay a fixed amount and then a contribution per kilometer. You pay a surcharge on Sundays and holidays, as well as during evening hours (8 p.m. - 6 a.m.).

These rates do not take into account any reimbursements from mutual insurance. Please contact your health insurance company yourself to get more info on this.

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We guarantee you a clear quote and a clear invoice afterwards.

Everywhere in Flanders

With more than 120 ambulances, we are one of the largest ambulance services in Flanders. We are ready to provide assistance to anyone who needs this type of transportation. Our ambulances are prepared for all situations.

Quality guaranteed

Our paramedics are highly trained and receive continuous training. All our ambulances meet the medical standards of FPS Public Health.

Urgent? Call 911

We also take on urgent patient transport. If you need urgent medical assistance - for example, after an accident - call 112.

I had to go to the hospital for an operation. Since I had to be transported lying down, I called the 105. I got a friendly employee on the phone. He assured me that everything would go perfectly. And indeed: on the day of the appointment, a comfortable ambulance was at the door. Perfectly on time!

Jeanine, 82 years old

Questions or complaints?

Do you have questions or complaints about the patient transportation of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders? Then you can always contact the following e-mail addresses:

- For questions: 

- For complaints: complaints.patient transportation @rodekruis .be