Funds Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has a number of funds through which income from one-time gifts and bequests - as well as any positive annual results - are used to provide long-term funding for certain activities, as well as the implementation of our strategic plan. The funds make us less dependent on annual fluctuations in grants and declining government support. They are a guarantee that we can always continue to help and make it possible to initiate relief efforts at any time, such as acute post-disaster relief.

With the exception of the contingency fund, only the return on capital of the funds is used to ensure stable long-term financing.

Amount in 2022

Flanders Disaster Relief Fund 9,530,416 euros
Social fund 9,518,761 euros
Fund Polderwind 970,000 euros
Training Fund 1,000,000 euros
International Operations Fund 11,284,170 euros
Fund Restoring Family Links 9,578,544 euros
International Emergency Relief Fund 869,924 euros
Scientific Research & Development Foundation 50,903,202 euros

The Foundation for Scientific Research & Development promotes humanitarian work and medical practice based on evidence-based criteria and scientific research within Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Funding from this foundation has enabled Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to become a global trendsetter in 4 areas of research: first aid training and prevention, first aid application and disaster preparedness, platelet creation and finally blood and plasma donor selection. The resulting scientific publications can be found here.

The Fund for Disaster Relief Flanders aims to provide structural resources for disaster relief in Flanders. We receive an annual grant from the federal government for this purpose, but it does not cover all the costs incurred.  

The Social Fund raises the necessary funds to develop and implement structural care activities, such as vacations for vulnerable children and adapted vacations for people with disabilities.

The Polderwind Fund provides Domain Polderwind with the financial resources to carry out annual improvement projects at the hotel or on the property to ensure the vacation experience for people with disabilities.

The Training Fund allows us to finance new training initiatives. In recent years, for example, in addition to the well-known first aid courses, the FAMP (first aid for mental health problems) course was developed and launched.

The International Emergency Relief Fund allows us to respond quickly to a disaster abroad without having to wait for fundraising, which usually does not start until a few days or weeks after the disaster. Afterwards, we replenish the fund obv. fundraising from the general public or the government.

The Restoring Family Links Fund provides long-term funding for the Restoring Family Links service, specialized in locating missing persons, restoring family links and reuniting separated families. Because there is no structural funding source for this unique and essential activity - for which we are constantly called upon by the government.

The International Operations Fund ensures long-term funding for our international development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects. We spend the returns from the fund, for example, on international Red Cross projects that are only partially financed by the government, but also on setting up pilot projects and on developing capacity in the South. This ensures the continuity of international operations and creates opportunities for further growth within our areas of expertise. We also use the fund to tackle projects that are difficult to finance, such as forgotten disasters or the strengthening of Red Cross associations in the South.

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