Aid Worldwide

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders stands up for vulnerable people worldwide. We support our sister Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies by sharing expertise in blood, first aid and disaster preparedness. Assist them whenever possible during a disaster or conflict and work closely in locating missing persons and spreading international humanitarian law.

Integrity and professionalism

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders requires of its employees and volunteers the necessary professionalism, integrity and team orientation. It is important that every employee and volunteer behave in a proper manner in their relationship with others, especially those in need. All activities within the International Cooperation of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders are closely monitored to ensure that no violations occur against the signed Integrity Charter.

Charter integrity

We disapprove of any form of integrity violation (abuse, fraud, corruption).

  • No violation was recorded in 2019.
  • No violation was recorded in 2020.
  • No violation was recorded in 2021.
  • No violation was recorded in 2022.
  • In 2023, 1 financial integrity violation was identified at a partner. Meanwhile, this partnership has ended. Other than this case, there are no other integrity violations to report. 

Code of conduct and assistance in disaster areas

Sometimes giving aid can have unwanted, negative effects. That is why in 1994 we drew up a code of conduct for providing aid in disaster areas. This states how emergency relief organizations should proceed in the event of a disaster.

The main principles are:

  • Humanitarian need comes first.
  • No discrimination among victims: provide assistance based on need without discrimination according to race, gender, age, religion.
  • Do not promote political or religious views.
  • Not being an extension of (foreign) government policy.
  • Respect local culture, use local capabilities and involve beneficiaries.
  • Do not increase future vulnerability.
  • Accountability to donors and beneficiaries.
  • Integrity and respect are important core values. We disapprove of any form of integrity violation (abuse, fraud, corruption).

Questions or complaints?

Do you have questions or complaints about the international operations of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders? Then you can always contact us at the e-mail address Our services will deal with them!