Event assistance

Bad luck or fate can strike anytime, anywhere, especially in a place where many people congregate. Getting help quickly can then save lives. That is why you will find Belgian Red Cross-Flanders at major events, concerts, sporting events or other activities where many people gather. Our experienced and well-trained first responders guarantee quality assistance!

A preventive aid station at your event?

We offer first aid tailored to your event. We will explain to you step by step how our partnership works and how to request an aid campaign.

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How does that work, such a preventive aid station?

Our trained volunteers have the expertise to respond to a variety of situations, from minor injuries to larger emergencies. We create a safe environment where event visitors and participants can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that help is always within reach.

Whether it's a big festival, sporting event or neighborhood party, our aid stations are everywhere. And best of all? It's easy!

With a simple request, we are ready to help.

The Red Cross, your partner in well-being, even during the most festive moments

Did you know that the Red Cross is known not only for its aid stations and medical interventions, but also for its crucial role in providing psychosocial support during events?

Our psychosocial workers are always ready to provide a listening ear and emotional support to participants who are feeling overwhelmed or are victims of drastic situations.

As an organizer, you can rely on us to create a safe and caring environment for your participants. With the presence of our psychosocial workers, you make your participants' well-being a priority. 

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After my first death march, I received the necessary care and a relaxing leg massage at the Red Cross Post. My blisters were taken care of and covered with a bandage. I did not feel any stress with them, even though there were many of us who needed care. 


Participant Death March