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In addition to registered nurses, we are also looking for night care and care volunteers. Do you like taking care of people? Then you can join us as a vacation volunteer. For this you do not need any experience. You will receive a free care initiation from us.

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What does a WOW vacation look like?

For the vacation week

About four weeks before the start of the vacation, you will receive all practical info such as the place of appointment and the address list of all volunteers. This way you can make your own arrangements to carpool. The vacation manager and the nurses receive the necessary information about the vacation guests and consult with the staff members to prepare for the vacation week.


Each vacation week starts for the vacation leaders, and the nurses on Saturday evening around 5 p.m. to already make the necessary preparations.

For care volunteers and night volunteers, the vacation week starts on Sunday morning at 10 am. Be sure to arrive on time, because there will be a kick-off meeting before the guests arrive: we provide an introductory moment, we go over the weekly schedule, you will receive the necessary information to guide the vacation guests during the week and we will make some practical arrangements.

After lunch there will be another initiation of wheelchair techniques, elevators, a tour and a group photo.

New this year: we will go to two different locations. In Hotel Middelpunt you sleep in a double room and share the bathroom and toilet with four people. In Hotel Domein Polderwind you sleep in a double room and share the bathroom and toilet with two people.

Before the guests arrive, final preparations will be made. Guests will arrive between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.


The vacation week ends on Friday afternoon around 11 am. An evaluation moment will be provided at the end of the vacation week.

After the vacation week

After the vacation week, we will ask you to evaluate the vacation week. The vacation manager and the nursing team will be contacted to go over the vacation week again. If you still have questions after the vacation week, please contact us

Brochure for volunteers

All the info for WOW vacation volunteers at a glance? There's our info brochure for that:


What do we expect from you?

In order to provide good service to our guests, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders expects some basic attitudes from all its volunteers: enthusiasm, respect and motivation. In addition, we expect the following from you:

You are motivated

We hope you are looking forward to it! Together with the volunteer team it will be a fun vacation. Motivation is very important, because those who are motivated look critically at their own performance and always want to improve their lesser points.

You have good physical and mental health

Going along on a WOW vacation is fun, but being a volunteer is also hard work. You have few free moments as a volunteer. Therefore, we expect you to be fit. Personal problems on a physical or psychological level can affect the cooperation with other volunteers and in dealing with the guests. They should therefore be reported and/or discussed in advance.

You have an affinity with the target group

WOW vacations are especially for people who have difficulty going on vacation because of a disability, long-term illness or old age. As a volunteer, your involvement with the target group is important.

You are customer-oriented

Our vacations are all about our guests. You easily establish contact with the guests, help them and try to meet their wishes and needs. You always carry out the care in close consultation with the guest. You also realize that our vacationers do not like to be patronized. Certainly do not impose yourself.

You enjoy working together

During a WOW vacation, you will work in groups. We expect you to pass on information of interest to others, to consider the input of others, and to actively involve everyone.

You can perform when needed

Together with your fellow volunteers, you are responsible for the smooth running of things. You help other volunteers where necessary. You do not lose sight of courtesies and etiquette while doing so.

You are disciplined

A WOW vacation aims to pamper guests. A well-organized volunteer team is indispensable to achieve that. We expect you to adhere to the agreed rules and procedures. If anything is unclear, please check with the vacation leader. 

You are discreet

You treat the vacationer with discretion. You handle confidentially any information that the vacationer or nurse entrusts to you.

You have a neat appearance

As a volunteer you are part of the signboard of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. Therefore, we ask that you have a neat appearance and pay attention to your personal hygiene.

Hotel Domain Polderwind

Hotel Middelpunt

Volunteers can sign up here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to volunteer?

You can sign up at If you are joining us as a volunteer for the first time, we ask you to register as a volunteer at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. How to do that will be explained to you when you confirm your registration.

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as we receive your application, we will review the options, and let you know which vacation you will accompany. We will take into account the wishes you specify. Sometimes the position you applied for is no longer available. That is why it is best to register for several positions that interest you. If all volunteer positions are already filled, we will put you on the reserve list.

I've been offered a place to volunteer on a vacation, but can't go. What now?

Sometimes it happens that illness or unforeseen circumstances prevent you from going on vacation. In that case, please warn us as soon as possible. Then we can more easily arrange for another volunteer, so that the vacation for the guests is not compromised. Fewer volunteers means less time, care and attention for the guests. You can contact us at

I am a student. Can I volunteer on vacation?

The minimum age for our volunteers is 18. Students 18 years of age or older are definitely allowed. Guiding a WOW vacation is a unique experience and definitely an added value on your resume, especially if you want to work in the social sector later. Are you a nursing student or taking another healthcare course? Then be sure to ask about the internship opportunities.

Am I insured if something goes wrong on the way to the vacation or during the vacation?

As a Red Cross volunteer, you are fully insured. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has collective accident and liability insurance for all volunteers. With the liability insurance you are also insured for damage to third parties during the vacation. Your personal belongings are also insured.

Is my car also insured?

There is additional damage insurance for your car if you use it at the request of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders during the vacation week. Your car and its occupants are covered by this insurance. For more information, please visit

I am a nurse or doctor. Is my occupational risk also insured by Belgian Red Cross-Flanders?

Yes, of course. The professional risk for nurses and doctors (for so-called "reserved actions") is covered by liability insurance at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

Who pays for and arranges transportation to the vacation location?

About four weeks before the start of the vacation you will receive all practical info such as the place of appointment. You can arrange to carpool. We reimburse your transportation costs (for car, train, bus). If you carpool, only the driver can be reimbursed for his travel expenses. So the mileage reimbursement is independent of the number of people the driver takes. We do not reimburse travel expenses to students participating in a WOW vacation as part of their internship.

Do I have to wear a uniform while on vacation?

You don't have to wear a uniform, even if you perform caregiving duties. Vacation rentals are a place where guests are on vacation. Therefore, all volunteers wear ordinary clothing.

Do I need special clothing?

You don't need special clothing. We do expect you to dress well. After all, you are the signboard of Red Cross Flanders.

Do I have to pay anything during the trip?

As a volunteer, your stay is free. The entrance fee during the trips is also paid by us. Extras (such as gifts, refreshments on trips) are at your own expense.

Hoe zit het met de maaltijden tijdens de reis?

As a volunteer, you simply eat with the guests. You join them at the table. These meals are free for you. We also offer you a number of free refreshments per week. If you want more refreshments, you pay for them yourself.

I'm on a diet. Is that a problem?

No. The restaurant's cooking is low-fat and low-salt. If you follow a diet or are allergic to certain food ingredients, please indicate this on the registration form. That way we can take this into account.

Are there vegetarian meals?

Yes. If you eat vegetarian, please indicate this when registering.

Can I smoke?

Both Hotel Middelpunt and Hotel Domein Polderwind and their courtyards are non-smoking. However, smoking areas are provided.

May I consume alcohol during the vacation week?

During the day, you will not consume alcohol as a volunteer. When your day job is finished, you are allowed to consume a few alcoholic beverages (maximum 2). It is important that the guests you accompany do not need any further help. In the evenings there will always be someone available who does not drink alcohol (zero tolerance), so that in case of any problems someone is always available for a safe transfer of guests and/or volunteers. At the start of the vacation, a rotation will be made.

Where do I sleep?

You will share your room with another volunteer. If you would like to share a room with someone you know, please let us know when you register. We will take this into account as much as possible when assigning rooms.

In Hotel Middelpunt, you share a bathroom + toilet with four people.

In Hotel Domain Polderwind, you share a bathroom + toilet with two people.

May I receive visitors during the vacations?

The vacation only lasts a week. Therefore, we ask not to invite visitors. In exceptional situations, we may still allow them, but only after consultation with the vacation leader.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Volunteers are not allowed to bring pets. However, guests may bring a service dog, after consultation. If you are allergic to animals, please mention this when registering. Then we will take it into account.

I have a problem during the vacations. How do I deal with it?

If you are dissatisfied with the course of events during the vacation, raise this with the vacation leader. Do not wait until you are back home to do this! If you want to comment on a particular situation afterwards, you can do so by emailing 

Transgressive behavior

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders will not tolerate any form of unwelcome verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct with sexual connotations that has the purpose or effect of violating a person's dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, offensive, humiliating or offensive environment.