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Do you have a heart for children with disabilities? Can you make yourself free during the Easter or fall vacations? Then join us as a volunteer with the WOW camps +. More than just fun guaranteed!

Will you join us as a volunteer in 2024?

Fantastic plan! Complete your application here to become a volunteer for the WOW camps + in 2024:

Overview WOW camps + 2024:

Dates for volunteers Dates for children
7 through April 12, 2024 8 through April 12, 2024
Oct. 27 through Nov. 1, 2024 Oct. 28 through Nov. 1, 2024

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What does a WOW camp + look like?

Before the start of camp

Before the start of the WOW camp + we meet during a preparation moment. That day we get to know each other and work out the weather schedule, get to know the care profiles and explain the care. Don't have care experience yet? No problem! We are happy to train you through our trainings


The WOW camp+ starts a day early for the volunteers. This gives us time to make the final preparations. Once the participants have arrived at camp, we start each day with a camp dance, followed by a range of fine activities with an eye for sufficient rest and attention for each child.


The camp ends for the volunteers and participants on the same day. We end the camp together. After the departure of the participants, the volunteers make sure that the cottage is left tidy again.

After camp

After the camp, we ask you to share your experiences with us. If you have any questions or comments after camp, please contact us at: 

What do we expect from you?

  • You are at least 18 years old. 

  • You are fully available for 1 week. 

  • You have good physical and mental health. 

  • You feel the target group well, you have empathy and you understand what children with disabilities need.

  • You have a positive attitude and you convey that to others. 

  • You enjoy working together.

  • You are discreet and patient.

Volunteer positions

As a volunteer, you can choose from a number of caring or support positions. Some positions require a certain degree or specific skills, while others are open to anyone.

  • Nurse 

  • Care volunteer 

  • Night volunteer care 

  • Animator 

  • Logistical assistance

  • Camp Manager 

Brochure for volunteers

All the info for the volunteers of the WOW camps + at a glance? There's our info brochure for that:

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to volunteer for a WOW camp +?

You can sign up at If you are a first time Red Cross volunteer, we ask you to register as a volunteer at Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. How to do that, we will explain to you when you confirm your registration.

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as we receive your application, we will review the options and let you know which camp you will accompany. We will take into account the wishes you specify. Sometimes the volunteer position you applied for is no longer available. That is why it is best if you volunteer for several positions that interest you. If all volunteer positions are already filled, we will put you on the reserve list.

Do I need to submit a minor model criminal record abstract?

Yes. During the camp we work with children and underage youth and so we ask each volunteer to present, every four years, the Underage Criminal Record Extract (596.2). You can easily pick this up at the Population Department of your municipality. In some municipalities, you can also request your certificate via the e-counter (website of your municipality) under 'Extract from the Criminal Registry'. Of course, we respect your privacy and this document will not be used for any other purpose.

I have been offered a place to volunteer at a camp, but still can't go. What now?

Sometimes illness or unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending camp. Please notify us as soon as possible. Then we can easily find another volunteer so that the camp for the children is not compromised. Fewer volunteers means less time, care and attention for the children.

Am I insured if something goes wrong on the way to camp or during camp?

As a Red Cross volunteer, you are fully insured. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has collective accident and liability insurance for all volunteers. The liability insurance also insures you for damages to third parties during the camp. 

Is my car also insured?

Additional damage insurance applies to your car if you use it at the request of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders during the camp. Your car and its occupants are covered by the insurance. For more information, please visit

I am a nurse. Is my occupational risk also insured by the Red Cross?

The professional risk for nurses (for so-called "reserved actions") is covered by the liability insurance of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

Who pays for and arranges transportation to the camp?

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the camp. Of course, we will reimburse your transportation expenses (for car, train, bus). If you carpool, only the driver can be reimbursed for his travel expenses. The mileage reimbursement is therefore independent of the number of people the driver takes with him. We do not reimburse travel expenses to students participating in a WOW Camp + as part of their internship.

Do I have to wear a uniform during camp?

You should not wear a uniform even if you are performing grooming duties. After all, the vacation home is a place where the children are at camp. Therefore, all volunteers wear plain clothes.

Do I have to pay anything during the camp?

As a volunteer and intern, your stay is free. So you don't have to pay anything during the camp, unless personal purchases.

What about meals during camp?

As a volunteer and intern, you simply eat with the children. You will join them at the table. These meals are free for you.

Are there vegetarian or vegan meals?

Yes. If you eat vegetarian or vegan, please indicate this when registering.

Can I smoke?

The vacation rental is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking areas. It is never done in the presence of the children anyway. 

Where do I sleep?

The rooms are furnished with bunk beds and you will share your room with several volunteers or interns. If you would like to share a room with a particular volunteer, please indicate this when you register. We will take this into account as much as possible when assigning rooms.

May I receive visitors during camp?

The camp lasts only a week. Therefore, we ask that no visitors be invited. The children cannot receive visitors either. 

Can I bring my pet with me?

Volunteers are not allowed to bring pets. Children may bring a service dog, after consultation. If you are allergic to animals, please indicate this on the application form. Then we will take it into account.

I have a problem during camp. How do I deal with it?

If you are dissatisfied with the conduct of camp, please raise this with the camp leader during camp. Do not wait until you are back home to do this! If you want to comment on a particular situation afterwards, you can do so via email to