Donordate: because donating for the first time is more fun with 2!

Are you also going on a donordate date?

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Hooray! Your beloved action donordate is coming!

The perfect time to introduce your partner, a friend or colleague who wants to donate for the first time, to the conviviality of a donor center or mobile blood collection from April 2 through June 28. Because did you know that most people say they don't donate because they are afraid to go alone? Or because they are unsure of what will happen or how they will feel about it? 

Let's do together what can make so many patients happy and put a smile back on their faces.

  • After all, loyal donors know better than anyone that our collection staff pampers us and how great it feels to donate. So make even more of a difference by bringing new donors to the donor center or a mobile collection.
  • Have you never come to donate before and want to try it now, with someone there? Of course, you can also come along with someone who, like you, has never donated before.
  • You may go on donordate multiple times throughout the promotion, as long as you meet the terms of the promotion. In fact, you may donate plasma every 14 days. After a blood donation, you must wait at least 60 days before the next blood donation, or at least 28 days for a plasma donation.

Conjure up a smile and sign up together now for a cozy/romantic/funny/relaxing* donor date.
*delete what doesn't fit. 

Do you want to go on a donordate? Then follow these three simple steps.

Follow these 3 steps and soon you and your donor date will be lying next to each other on a takings bed. 

  1. Take the donor self-test
  2. Book your appointment, this is mandatory for yourself and your donor date
  3. Go on a donordate date together and share your experience with us

Can't find a free bed immediately? Then be sure to look ahead to the next few weeks ... your blood and plasma are needed then, too. 

Share the love

Oh well, some of you had never stopped using it, others may definitely still start using it: #donordate we really like to see appear on socials. So be sure to use the hashtag when you post a selfie and tag us on Facebook @RedKruisVl and on Instagram @RedKruisVlaanderen.

Because giving, we do that for and also with each other!   

In our busy schedule as a young family, our monthly donor date is the way to unwind and escape the laundry & pee.

By now, we are loyal guests at the Donor Center and feel completely at ease with the wonderful collection team. Time flies so quickly and our two children learn something new every time. Or do you already know how blood is made?


Loyal donor

Frequently asked questions about donordate

What exactly does donordate mean?

Everyone who comes with 2 to donate, at least one of whom is donating blood, plasma or platelets for the first time, will receive an experience voucher for two together. This is in addition to the standard thank-you vouchers. 

Why is Belgian Red Cross-Flanders organizing donordate?

Blood and plasma are vital resources that can have a great impact on the well-being of fellow human beings: 

  1. Plasma saves lives every day. More and more life-saving drugs are being made with plasma. As a result, the demand for plasma is increasing worldwide. The government imposes an annual quota for plasma on Belgian Red Cross-Flanders so that Flanders can be self-sufficient in the production of important preparations. 
  2. Red blood cells are useful for patients who are short of blood or suffering from severe bleeding. The demand for blood comes largely from hospitals to treat patients. 

To meet that demand, we need new donors. Lots of new donors, which is why we are asking our loyal donors to bring someone along on a donor date. Or to come as a new donor in pairs. 

When does donordateate take place?

From April 2 to June 28, 2024. 

Where does donordateate go on?

The action continues in the 14 donor centers and all mobile blood collections of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. When making an appointment through our donor portal, you can find all locations.  

Who can participate in donordate?

Anyone who is allowed to donate can participate! The following combinations count as a donor date:

  • Two persons giving the same blood product, at least one of whom is giving the specific blood product for the first time. 
  • Two individuals giving different blood product with following possibilities:
    • Blood donor brings new plasma donor
    • Blood donor brings in new platelet donor
    • Plasma donor brings in new blood donor
    • Plasma donor brings in new platelet donor
    • Platelet donor brings in new blood donor
    • Platelet donor brings in new plasma donor 

What do I receive when participating in donordate?

You will be given the regular thank-you or transportation receipts when you register at the front desk.

On top of that, you will receive one experience voucher for two together with your registration. You must register as two to receive the voucher.  

The experience voucher is given out in pairs only. The third, fifth, ... person will not receive a voucher.

You can spend this voucher on a cozy cinema visit at Kinepolis, savory treats throughout Benelux, nice trips such as a historic boat ride in Ghent and so much more!

How can I sign up for donordate?

You do not need to register specifically for the action in advance. However, it is important that you come at the same time to donate, by appointment.

So it is important that both donors book an appointment. You should register together at the time of appointment.

When you register at the donor center or at the mobile blood collection, indicate that you are there with your donordate. Our staff will then verify that you meet the requirements of donordate. 

What if I can't donate with my date at the same time?

In addition to the terms of the donordate action, it is important that you arrive with your date at the same time for your appointment. That way, together you will obtain your experience voucher for two. 

How often can I participate in donordate?

There is no limit on the number of participations! As long as you come to donate with a new donor each time. In fact, you may donate plasma every 14 days. After a blood donation, you must wait at least 60 days for the next blood donation, or at least 28 days for a plasma donation. 

I convinced an acquaintance to donate before April 2. Does this count as well?

The promotion is valid for bringing in new donors from April 2 to June 28, 2024. We do not count donations made before this period as a donor date.

But since you've already brought someone to donate in the past, we believe you can still convince acquaintances to stop by! 

I can't come and donate before June 28. What now?

The promotion runs through June 28. If you cannot stop by before that, you will not be able to qualify for this action. Of course, you are more than welcome to donate even after this action! 

Where can I use the experience voucher I received and how long is it valid?

The experience voucher allows you to choose from several experiences to spend together. You can choose from various activities, such as a bike ride or coffee and cake.

The voucher is valid for 3 years and 3 months. Also check the terms and conditions on the back of your voucher. 

When will I receive the experience voucher?

The experience voucher is given when you and your donor date present yourselves together to register for your donation. Therefore, it is important to come and donate at the same time. You will receive one voucher, which can be used by two. 

The experience voucher is given out in pairs only. The third, fifth, ... person will not receive a voucher.

How do I register my experience voucher?

You can easily register your experience voucher with this step-by-step plan.

If I participate in donordate will I also receive thank-you or transportation vouchers?

Yes! Donordate is a bonus thank-you gift for donors who provide new donors and is therefore separate from the standard thank-you system. The thank-you and transportation receipts are simply distributed as usual. 

General questions about donating

I have another question that I haven't found anywhere above.

I want to do something for society and know people myself who need plasma. That it's a fun mother-daughter outing is just a plus.


New plasma donor