Disaster Preparedness

General - What do we do?

National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are on standby worldwide to provide disaster relief to the population. These can range from natural disasters, such as floods, to man-made disasters, such as armed conflict. Ensuring an efficient response to unexpected disasters requires the necessary expertise and good preparation. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders assists its sister Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in these preparations, both at institutional and local level.

Institutional Disaster Preparedness

To respond on a large scale to humanitarian needs in a country, it is important that each national Red Cross and Red Crescent Society knows how to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster. Through the global network, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies help each other and expertise and operational knowledge is exchanged between them.

These include training intervention teams, building and managing warehouses of emergency relief supplies, developing structures and procedures to ensure rapid communication and decision-making, etc.

Disaster preparedness within local communities

Disaster preparedness is also being worked on at the local community level so that people themselves are able to take action. This can be done both by trying to prevent as many disasters as possible, by limiting their impact or by already taking actions themselves in anticipation of assistance on a larger scale. This includes setting up local disaster committees in disaster-prone areas. In these, experts from their region map the greatest risks in their communities and draw up feasible contingency plans. Based on this, preventive measures can be taken. These include installing early warning systems ("early warning systems"), detecting epidimics, organizing evacuation drills or building hurricane-resistant houses.

In addition, local disaster response teams are being trained so that they can immediately spring into action after a disaster by setting up searches, clearing debris and administering first aid to the injured.

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Integrity and professionalism

Red Cross-Flanders requires of its employees and volunteers the necessary professionalism, integrity and team orientation. It is important that each staff member and volunteer behaves in a proper manner in their relationship with others, especially with those in need.

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