Help at events

Bad luck or fate can strike anytime, anywhere, especially in a place where many people congregate. Getting help quickly can save lives. That is why you will find Belgian Red Cross-Flanders at major events, concerts, sports competitions or other activities where many people gather. Our experienced and well-trained relief workers guarantee quality assistance!

How does that work, such a preventive aid station?

What's it like, tending an aid station at a festival for some 15,000 festival-goers every day? Red Cross volunteers take you on their evening shift. "On the grounds there are 3 groups of 2 aid workers each. They stand at fixed points and shift every half hour. After an hour and a half they come back to the aid station to take a break. And this until about 3am."

What should you do to apply for a preventive aid station?

We offer first aid tailored to your event. We will explain to you step by step how our cooperation works and how you can request a relief action.

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