Belgian Red Cross-Flanders Releases 300,000 EUR for relief efforts in Burundi

Burundi has been ravaged by heavy rains for months. These have led to flooding, landslides, rivers bursting their banks and a significant rise in the water level of Lake Tanganyika just off the capital Bujumbura. 217,000 people have already been affected and there is a major spread of diseases such as cholera. In early April, more than 3,700 more people had to leave their homes. This makes that, as a result, about 100,000 persons are internally displaced in Burundi today.

According to the Burundi Red Cross, more than 19,250 homes and 209 classrooms have been destroyed by the effects of the storm and more than 40,000 hectares of arable land have already been destroyed. 

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has been a structural partner of the Burundi Red Cross for many years. From its current projects, in cooperation with the federal government, 152,000 EUR will be released to help with this disaster. 

In addition, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is also releasing EUR 150,000 from its own emergency relief fund to support the Burundi Red Cross in a quick and efficient manner. 

With this money, basic needs such as food, drink and other basic needs and a roof over their heads can be provided.

The Burundi Red Cross has already sent some 280 volunteers to the impacted regions. They are providing support in evacuating people who have lost everything in the meantime and have no place to stay. In addition to providing the first basic needs, they also inform communities about the dangers of collapse and drowning. The Burundi Red Cross further provides first aid and meeting basic necessities such as distributing water and sanitation kits.

Other activities planned include distributing school materials and setting up temporary classes, providing psychosocial support and installing plants to control the water.

Warm call

Those wishing to support the victims in Burundi can do so through the account number BE53 0000 0000 5353 with mention 'Burundi' or through our Burundi page.