Ons opvangcentrum van Lanaken startte in 1993 met de opvang van Bosnische oorlogsvluchtelingen. Na hun vertrek kreeg het gebouw een bestemming als opvangcentrum voor verzoekers om internationale bescherming. We vangen hier families, alleenstaanden en niet-begeleide minderjarige vreemdelingen op.

Would you like to get to know us better?

Would you like to come take a look at our shelter? You can. We organize guided visits for groups.

Or would you like to do something together with our residents? We regularly organize courses, cooking sessions and activities to which people from outside the center are also welcome. Of course, you can also organize your own joint activity with your association. From soccer match to dance night, all proposals are negotiable.

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Opvangcentrum Lanaken
Molenbergstraat 101
3620 Lanaken

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+32 89 739 730
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